Martin Plasnius

Posted on Friday, June 3rd, 2011

by Sean McNeil

I live at the center of the universe. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Nova Roma, whatever those petty little empire builders tell you. You probably think I’m going to say Sanctuary, and I guess you’re sort of right. You’re thinking too big, though. Maybe it’s the city the Ingressa spins around, but I’m talking about the heart of the city. Every day I wade through the powerful and the powerless from a hundred solar systems eating and fighting, fucking and sleeping, working and playing. Because here in Sanctuary, at the center of the universe, there’s a hotel.

And I’m the bellhop.

Laugh if you want to. Once you’ve got your shit together enough to actually think about what I just said, maybe we’ll talk.

The Stargod’s Arms have been here longer than you have, kid, and they’ve seen more. A lot more. I may not be privy to every little piece, but I still know more about what goes in this city than you do.

Who do you think runs out for a Heart Attack Special from Kwon’s Pizzeria when a kdarran ceramics rep comes home hungry and pissed after meeting with Tennyson Delinoix all day? Who knows when Raialta the bounty hunter is in town way before her mark does? Who rounds up the three most expensive callboys in the city for the Derinam officer having a night off base?

I do, you pompous little idiot.

Yeah, the Derinam really do stay here. So do the Roman officials, the cloverites, even the Janus Syndicate people. Just because they have their own embassies or churches or whatever in Sanctuary doesn’t mean they don’t come stay at the Stargod. Best of all, from your perspective anyway, they come here when they have something to hide. Syndicate pergressors signing contracts on the side, Clover vigilantes who think someone’s watching the church for them, that high-ranking Duln-Shalako I mentioned earlier who likes pretty boys… The Derinam don’t care if you like pretty boys, of course. But let’s just say she parties a little harder than the people at her headquarters would approve of.

You want to know what’s going on in Sanctuary? You ask me. And you tip well.

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